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fetus 11-Jun-20 10:20 AM
Hello @everyone and welcome to the #tfpd-newscast, this is a place that originated from @The Announcer is a English major with a knack for journalism and is a fantastic newsman. I'm sure everyone here will soon become just as excited for this program as we are.
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The Announcer 11-Jun-20 10:27 AM
Greetings. Most of you know don't know who I am, except those few that are in Before coming here, I ran the partisan news show, where I would type up a story every day, as well as interview members based on a list on occasion. I am glad to have my channel moved here, since partisan wasn't juicy enough for a good story. This place, however, is filled to the brim with a larger audience.
To get to the point, however: the news. We're here, live at ctf_doublecross. Leader of Chairowners and former partisan and SWAT member Harmony cuts ties with TF2 hacker police and any affiliation with it. This brings a new swath of possible outcomes. Bots with our name on it could increase, though their "stallman" bots are already in low supply, so we shouldn't worry about it. In other news, fearmongering is back, as tensions related to spies amongst the ranks increase. That's all for tonight. Stay classy, cheater liquidators.
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The Announcer 12-Jun-20 06:44 AM
We're here, live at Sawmill, Tennessee. The cold war with chairowners continues, as a strange member pattern influx occurred over in this afternoon. The names are suspected to be the usual spies. Other than that, I don't think chairowners really gets the best of the burden. SWAT at least gets the benefit of the doubt, due to their security system being top notch, unlike the original Nix disaster. In other news, refined metal drops to $0.04. This is a good time for investors to invest in the economy, though I wouldn't recommend going overboard. Some places like have hats that go for 2,000$ or more, which is really where TF2 fat cat investors take their stand. The Unusual Texas Toast stands at a mind boggling $22,222.22 on marketplace. tf, which is about 10,893 keys. I would be surprised if a trader could even hold that much on one account. That's all for today. Stay frosty.
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fetus 12-Jun-20 09:32 AM
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The Announcer 13-Jun-20 06:16 AM
Good day. Recently, TF2 hacker police got their own commercial video, starring Mr. Word PuzzleQ as the face of the organization. The video can be seen on r/tf2hackerpolice here: In other news, keys plummet to a very low price of $2.00. If it continues to drop, then I predict that refined metal won't be far behind, lowering it to 3 cents. This is a good time to invest in keys, however a riskier approach for investors would be to wait and hope the keys drop even lower. Prices for keys have increased significantly over the years, then stayed at a balance, until now, for the first time in years, dropped this low. That's all for today
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The Announcer 14-Jun-20 08:46 AM
Good evening. We're here in the studio overlooking some insane news. Kotaku, a gaming related media source, has an article that has a major supportive claim relating heavily to TF2 Hacker Police. For example, our beloved @wordpuzzleQ is mentioned as being a moderator of the TF2 Hacker Police subreddit. Having our organization being recognized by a news source, (other than me, of course), will most likely result in a significant increase in attention towards TF2 Hacker Police and anything related to it. Aside from that, I would like to see if Mr. Word PuzzleQ would like to come on the show tonight
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If you hop into a Team Fortress 2 match right now, there’s a good chance that you’ll be greeted by some very unwelcome guests: spam bots who overwhelm chat with everything from annoying troll-speak to full-on racism. Bots of various types have been giving players fits since ea...
And here he is
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wordpuzzleQ 14-Jun-20 08:50 AM
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The Announcer 14-Jun-20 08:50 AM
Glad you could come on
It's been a long time coming
So first off, you have a lot of relations to TF2PD. We have the commercial, now this major breakthrough. How does it feel to be one of the faces of TF2PD and has it effected you in any way (edited)
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wordpuzzleQ 14-Jun-20 08:53 AM
This is the first time I have been at the head of a semi popular thing, and its provided lots of entertainment for the most part. It certainly has made me focus on tf2 more
The Announcer 14-Jun-20 08:54 AM
Did you ever have second thoughts about uploading the commercial?
In fear of being made fun of by the cheater community, for example.
wordpuzzleQ 14-Jun-20 09:01 AM
No really.
What can a bunch of edgy 12 year old do to affect me
The Announcer 14-Jun-20 09:03 AM
That's very true
They can't do much more than post videos from the comfort of their rooms, before promptly going downstairs for evening chicken nuggets
When you emailed Kotaku, did they respond immediately?
wordpuzzleQ 14-Jun-20 09:05 AM
No, they reached out to me, when I gave my answer they did not respond
other than the article I guess
The Announcer 14-Jun-20 09:06 AM
Oh wow really? So instead of replying to a request made by you they chose you?
wordpuzzleQ 14-Jun-20 09:08 AM
im one of 2 mods
The Announcer 14-Jun-20 09:08 AM
Oh yeah thats right
That's a lot on your shoulders then, huh?
Not only are you one of the 2 mods on a subreddit for an evergrowing community, but also one of the faces of that community too
wordpuzzleQ 14-Jun-20 09:09 AM
The Announcer 14-Jun-20 09:10 AM
Thats amazing. We're glad we can have you as the voice of our community
Thank's for joining us tonight
wordpuzzleQ 14-Jun-20 09:11 AM
Thanks as well
The Announcer 14-Jun-20 09:12 AM
Back in on my old channel, I used to post an evening jazz reccomendation. This one comes way back from 1939. In the 1970s, however, "KOTV" television stations wouldn't broadcast all night, but instead "sign off" at about midnight or so. Most stations back then would sign off with a recording of the national anthem, KOTV, however, played this relaxing song at the end of their broadcasts, just as mine ends too. Goodnight, TF2PD
Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Moonlight Serenade · Glenn Miller & His Orchestra The Essential Glenn Miller ℗ Originally Recorded 1939. All rights reserved by BMG Music Released on: 2005-06-27 Reissue Producer: Barry Feldman Re-mastering Engineer: Doug ...
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The Announcer 15-Jun-20 11:02 AM
Good evening. Earlier, we received news that the new "poohook" bots are a lower threat than what people thought. Similar to the recent source code scare of 2020, this is not a threat. As of now, TF2 is safe to play, as it should remain. In other news, n00b has opened up a satire-heavy TF2 tips section. That's all for tonight.
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The Announcer 16-Jun-20 07:57 AM
Confusion among members strikes as poohook was "allegedly" in ties with us. However, as with most cheater organizations that dwell in the outer reaches of Telegram, (a variant of discord), they had something up their sleeve. Within minutes, the chat was being flooded with pointless reactions to random messages, as well as a swath of meaningless explanations as to why they joined in the first place. You can always tell a snake by his tongue, folks. In other news, Jampoint, a new member, is taking the scene as a steadfast and balanced lieutenant, as seen with his actions taken during the poohook scene, which brings to me to my next topic: is it safe? We asked the public if poohook is a threat or bunk. 4/5 members replied with bunk, with one seemingly satirical "threat." That's all for tonight
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Tonight's jazz reccomendation is a combination of jazz and folk
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The Announcer 17-Jun-20 08:48 AM
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Good evening, folks, and welcome to our interview with @Turtalia , the owner of the server
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 08:49 AM
Hows it going man.
The Announcer 17-Jun-20 08:49 AM
Pretty good
So, Turtalia, first off, were you surprised when the poohook bot group "turned on us?"
When they started making chaos after they agreed to be at ease with us
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 08:58 AM
Before I answer that I want to provide some context. I have been absent from this server for almost 2 weeks. While I did help with security of the server, you might as well have counted me as absent. As you can imagine, a lot of decisions were made without my knowledge. Now, I want to be crystal clear, all of the things that went wrong while I was gone are to be blamed on me. It was my job to be here and I should not have just left the mods to try and run this place solo. One of the major decisions made while I was gone was letting the creators of bots join the server and somehow become allies with them. Luckily I had came back in time to realize what was happening and was able to help clear the mess. The accounts of PooHook have been banned and we are looking for their spies they claimed are in the server. We are safe though. Just to make my self clear. The creators of the bots have a history of making extremely contradictory statements about their goals and plans and I have made sure now that we are not associated with them any more. (edited)
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The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:00 AM
Sometimes, life comes first. We all get busy.
By contradictory statements, do you mean statements that they create and refer to in order to throw us off track?
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:09 AM
What I mean is that we would be told one thing about their goals and find out from other sources that they really had no intensions of doing the thing they promised us.
The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:11 AM
What exactly were their real intentions?
And what did they use as a coverup?
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:13 AM
They had come to some of the mods while I was away saying that they were done making destructive bots and that they wanted to make bots whose sole purpose would be to kill hackers and bots only. Pretty much join servers with well know bots from a database and fight them. In all honesty, from what I have been told was that they had no real plans of taking down their destructive bots. At that point we had to question if their promises to us were real.
The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:15 AM
That's the oldest trick in the book. Even an actual turtle could make up a better excuse than that, no offense.
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:16 AM
None taken.
The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:16 AM
Are these bots just your normal, state of the art, stupid and buggy aimbots?
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:16 AM
The ones they promised us?
The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:16 AM
The ones that they have
The destructive bots
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:18 AM
The PooHook bots at this point are confirmed to be no more damaging than any other bot. I will need to see more about how they behave, but at this point in time, the threat that had caused a brief panic is confirmed to be not true and baseless.
The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:18 AM
What do you mean by damaging?
What methods of madness do these bots use? Chat spam? Voice spam? Server flooding?
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:21 AM
I do not have a list of what their capabilities are at this time, but I would assume that they are snipers with spinbot, wall hacks, typical stuff when you think bots in casual these days.
The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:24 AM
I've always wondered: do these wallhacks make it so they can shoot through walls? Or just detect
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:27 AM
All walls in TF2 are bullet proof. The way these "wall hacks" work is that you have the ability to see through walls. What makes bots so dangerous is that they have have 20 hacks running all at the same time, making them in all sense of the word "gods" in casual games. Human cheaters can have all of those hacks running, but there are only so many things the human mind can focus on at once. So in the end, bots can use radars, wall hacks, spinbots, see every where all at once, and so many other crazy things.
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The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:28 AM
Though, theres always a way to counter it
The more vax the merrier
So, one more question before we sign off, and it's a big one: who's winning this war?
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Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:35 AM
It really depends on how you look at it. Here on Discord, we have finally been able to beat back the hackers who were raiding this place every other day. We have found spies and gotten information out of them. We are now on the offensive against these people who used to terrorize us. On TF2, the way I have been thinking about it is this. We are trying desperately to dump water in a swimming pool with a massive hole at the bottom of it. We are pretty much slowing down the damage that the cheaters and bots are causing. That is why we are working with several people to open community servers so that people can just play TF2 with fellow officers and civilians. Our missions right now is to educate people as to how to deal with cheaters and bots when they join your game. As well as educating people as to how community works because at first glace it does seem daunting.
The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:37 AM
I see. Perhaps we can revert to the olden days of pubs instead-
Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:38 AM
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The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:39 AM
Well that was a coincidence
We were just talking about whether or not we were winning or not
So now, let me ask you
Who's winning this war
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Turtalia 17-Jun-20 09:40 AM
Truly as glorious day for the TFPD
It really depends on how this all works. If it does its job then truly game changing, pun fully intended. If it is another shit thing that does nothing, then nothing has changed.
The Announcer 17-Jun-20 09:42 AM
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I almost never report with BREAKING NEWS from the studio, but this is big
The TF2 team has just released a major patch that could turn the tides of battle for our community
This will create a whole new world of speculation for our community to analyze and debate on. This shows that even though in the darkest and deepest times, Valve still cares
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Even though we probably had to force it upon them
Pog 4
But who cares we got an update that gives us an advantage, and it gives us more hope. A hope that was only being supplied by you, the TF2PD community.
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The Announcer 18-Jun-20 07:53 AM
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Good evening. Yesterday, the update was pushed out: giving players the option to enable or disable voice and text chat at their leisure. myg0t bots are still able to spam by changing their name, but this hasn't proved as effective as chat spamming. In other news, the copy paste "raspy" bot template is being used as a new "Orange" bot; which has a static orange square as a profile picture, and usually cheats as heavy. No big threat to the community, however, since they're so easy to identify and so quick to be kicked. I think it's safe to say we have the upper hand here, folks.
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The Announcer 19-Jun-20 09:03 AM
Good evening, We're live at Jacksonville, Florida. The copy paste of a raspy bot, knows as "Orange Madness" is making its way around TF2. Thankfully these bots are so easily recognizable, and usually end up getting kicked moments after they join. Also, rumor has it that if you kick a player for cheating, they can't rejoin. This of course, could be abused by bots, but I'm sure there's a way around that. Do yourself a favor and turn off voice chat. In other news, myg0t bots improved their name change spam system to create more intelligible (barely) racist sentences. No big deal, though. They're just as easy to identify as the Orange Madness bots. That's all for tonight.
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The Announcer 20-Jun-20 09:38 AM
Good evening. Some of you may have seen this link buzzing around. Needless to say, it's been debunked. Truly, if this were an issue, VALVe would get on it immediately; as we saw with the source code leak. Something that I've seen that needs to be brought out is: while at some points VALVe cares, they really only fully care if the issue at hand is endangerment to their corporate name. Within a matter of a day, VALVe had hopped on and fixed the rumors of the source code leak, as they would with anything relating to RCE. Back to this specific link. The comment from the cliche "bananagamer" is fake, as is the account. All I can say is the chances of getting your computer controlled by some godlike entity hacker is lower than being struck by lightning.
In other news, the server name is to stay the same, and I got a job as a writer for the New Jersey news site 🥳
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fetus 20-Jun-20 09:43 AM
1. This server was named SWAT so this is just solidifying the TFPD nomenclature that has pervaded the servers since the beginning 2. An RCE of that level is impossible (figuratively) 3. Congrats on the job, I'll be sure to follow what you do (edited)
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The Announcer 22-Jun-20 12:39 PM
Due to recent events, I won't be doing the show for a little but I plan to pick it up again some time this week
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The Announcer 30-Jun-20 11:30 AM
Good evening. A lot of you are probably wondering where I’ve been. Recently, I got a job as a writer for an online newspaper concerning politics and events in New Jersey. I finally finished moving into my own apartment area, and have had literally no internet for the past 4 days. The only time I had to do anything online was at the coffee shop, which was reserved solely for writing and editing articles. Just know that nothings changed, and there’s still more to come. Expect an article in the next day or two. If you have any news, please DM it to me so I can compile it into one small article. Thank you, and goodnight
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The Announcer 04-Jul-20 04:28 AM
As the last of my furniture has been moved into my New Jersey apartment, I’ve started to write the next, and hopefully one of the last, newscasts. Mainly due to the talk of the Standard Issue magazine, which I think will be much more fun. There shall be news coming tonight
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The Announcer 04-Jul-20 11:50 AM
Good evening. Recently, a great turmoil has arisen concerning TFPD and its relation to the ADC. I am an unbiased source of public information, and still haven’t delved deep enough into this. Fetus, who I thank very much for this, gave me a decent supply of information about the ADC and the debacle that went on there. I, now being a busy man, had no clue the ADC even existed up until now. I do plan to extend my research and create a full story, hopefully tomorrow, by interviewing Hafune, the owner of the server, as well as other members of ADC and TFPD, in order to gather the full bushel of information and compile it into one unbiased summary of the situation. From what I’ve gathered from fetus, the ADC (Association for the Documentarion of Cheaters) was tied in with TFPD for the purpose of receiving information on the whereabouts of cheaters and bots. Though, since adding them, had received no data or information. According to fetus, who had not been on the server for long at the time, the server was in a state of anarchy. The ADC was in a state complete chaos, and the moderators were punishing members unjustly. Normally I’d say “allegedly,” but we have proof of these actions. An example of unjust actions is when Soldierman was banned for drawing attention to Hafune for using slurs in the past. This is where the information provided gets fuzzy, so I’ll be filling in the blank spaces if I end up interviewing people from ADC. Fast forward to 16:45: fetus receives a message from former LT. moderator Jampoint, which read “I'm currently talking to Noob, it sounds like we do need to cut ties with Hanfue and the ADC.” After receiving this information on the fiasco, fetus called a meeting amongst the staff members in TFPD on whether or not to cut ties, which only caused more drama and fighting amongst the members of the ADC. After this, TFPD detached for a full day.
And this, folks, is where our news story ends... for now. As mentioned before, tomorrow, I will try to sink my teeth deeper into this story.
Also, If I got any information wrong, or if I ever do in the future, please feel free to call me out so I can revise my stories
Tonight’s jazz piece is from Fallout New Vegas, and has been stuck in my head from the moment I began moving into my new apartment
Songs from the game "Fallout New Vegas" The entire collection of songs from the radio commonly heard on in the game. Uploaded by a fan due of the incredible lack of these awesome songs. DISCLAMER: I don't own the soundtrack or any rights to the music, eatch is to their respe...
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The Announcer 14-Jul-20 04:38 AM
Good day. Over this past week, I’ve taken to delving deeper than the surface into the ADC debacle, along with other things. While unintentional, I’m glad all the events played out the way they did so I could avoid reporting on or spreading misinformation. Sunday Recap reported that issue. The RCE exploit was thought to be an extreme issue, throwing members into a frenzy, though now it’s come to the conclusion of: play TF2, but be aware and wary. We’re always at the ready. As of today, LT. Major Fetus reiterated the previous announcement, saying that the exploit is thought to still be there, and the bots haven’t used it yet. Could this be just another fear mongering attempt by the bot creators? In other news, my studies on both sides of the ADC debacle has come to satisfactory conclusion: both parties accept what they did. During an interview with Hanfune on the topic of the allegations against him that he used racial slurs in the past, he said “I’m not racist,” and that the things he said in the past were edgy. It seems that Hanfune acknowledges that we all say and do stupid things in the past. Though, with a mess, there’s always bad blood that remains. According to Hanfune’s perspective of the debacle:
“What happened was that Fetus was basically creating an "alliance" with us without permission from the TFPD owner Turtalia and Fetus was treating us like we were his children. Basically just being a bad staff member, telling everyone else they werent doing anything.” Along with this, he says “There was a fight that caused a brief disbanding between TFPD and ADC and I tried to prevent it from escalating by muting the chats. But he kept undoing my changes so I couldnt do it.” I think we can all agree that at this points the ADC debacle is becoming ashes in the wind. A reminder of what can go down when small slip ups and sudden action turn cold. In the end, however, both parties admitted to their mistakes. As I’ve seen in the announcements section of ADC, there’s still a bit of a scuffle between the two, though, not an all out war. That’s all for today. Thanks for tuning in
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