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Deleted User 17-May-20 02:16 PM
Simple set of scripts for Team Fortress 2 that calls a vote on current cheaters/bots - Link2006/TF2CheatDetectLua
Turtalia 29-May-20 10:47 AM
Future patrol logs will be posted in a google document so future patrols no longer get lost in chat or get hit by the bots for spam. Drop you patrol documentation here ^^^
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fetus 15-Jun-20 02:01 PM
New Patrol Format. Please use this format or a very similar format to help the group out! Patrol Date: Self-explanatory. Members involved: List any TFPD members that joined your patrol. Please include yourself as well! :) Bots Encountered: [Map] [Bot ID] Please list any bots you encountered by map. It will be a requirement to grab the permalink of the bot. NO CUSTOM URLS. Example: Patrol Date: 6/14/2020 Members involved: Jampoint, Cool Officer Man Bots Encountered 2Fort Nono person bot: Bad person bot: DoubleCross Even worse person bot:!!
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Turtalia 20-Jun-20 12:32 PM
How to Run a Background Check OVERVIEW Steam ID Types and Important Sources Types of Websites Encounter Checking a Profile Conclusion - Summarizing Your Findings SECTION I: Steam ID Types and Important Sources Steam ID Types There are three main types of Steam IDs. There are ...
Turtalia 20-Jun-20 12:48 PM A extremely powerful program created by @TheFearlessCheese. It knows where all bots are at all times.
North American Servers Date Time(GMT),Name,Server IP:Port,Server Location,Map,Number of Players,Duration Time(Seconds) 2020-06-20 02:38:29, B0T,,California, USA,ctf_2fort,19/24,145.81478881835938 2020-06-20 02:34:37,(1)MYG)T,
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Turtalia 09-Jul-20 01:13 AM
These are taken serious abuse of this form will result in action
These are taken serious abuse of this form will result in action
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