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Jampoint 17-Aug-20 11:52 PM
WEEKLY MEETING #3 -Nightlight is back to normal function: All Peacekeepers have been put on standby. -Late events are still being experimented with. -There will be new tasks for the Red, Blue, and Orange teams, which will hopefully increase participation in these teams. -Nightlight is looking for team leaders. However, you must earn it. -Quick reminder not to attack bot creators or respond to harassment. -Try to recruit members during times where multiple bots are in the game. -Members are asked to help with the group and participate. -Award system is being set up for video submissions. -Raffles/Competitions in the future(?). -Yellow Team is being revamped due to a major lack in purpose. Purpose is still being discussed, may shift towards MvM. -Nightlight is looking for more staff members. All comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions should be put in #suggestions.
Jampoint 24-Aug-20 06:45 PM
WEEKLY MEETING #4 -This meeting was not hosted due to how short it was. @everyone -Everyone is going back to school! Please understand that school should be your main priority, and we will not appreciate anybody who tries to avoid it for video games. -Still think it's really cool that we partnered with CasualCrane's server, dab dab dab. -We may have more bot creators targeting us due to the fact we keep on finding out things about them. Being on the Orange team at this point would be really interesting, go join! -BluScoutSFM and Tombatom are now hosting two events each this week. Please treat them with respect and participate in their events! -Make sure to recruit and participate! All comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions should be put in #suggestions. (edited)
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