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Jampoint 13-Jul-20 01:46 PM
Here are the roles of the Nightlight Discord Server. No person can be on more than one team. 🟣 PURPLE TEAM 🟣 The Purple Team is the administration and moderation of the server. They help the main leader maintain and lead the server. Lighters are the administrators of the group, while Guiders are the moderators of the server. Special requirements must be met in order to be part of the Purple Team. Roles in this group include: @Leader @Lighters @Guiders @Peacekeepers @Standby Peacekeeper 🔵 BLUE TEAM 🔵 The Blue Team are for members who are content creators who wish to help with creating content for the Nightlight Discord server. They may be skilled in 2D artwork, SFM, GMOD, 3D modeling, video creation, etc. Members in the Blue Team will likely work together on projects. Roles in this group include: @Creator Leader @Creators 🟢 GREEN TEAM 🟢 The Green Team are partners outside of the Nightlight community. They are allowed and welcome into the community. They may actively communicate with the Yellow Team and other members. If they wish to actively be part of the Discord, they are allowed to take part in a different team. Roles in this group include: @Partners 🟡 YELLOW TEAM 🟡 Closed for revamps... 🟠 ORANGE TEAM 🟠 The Orange Team are for members who wish to analyze content and profiles of bots, cheaters, and bot creators. They may also work with the Red Team to get more information on new bots. Members part of this group are not excluded from the spy rule. Roles in this group include: @Analyst Leader @Analysts (edited)
🔴 RED TEAM 🔴 The Red Team are for members who wish to focus on dominating cheaters in-game. They head into Casual and Competitive to take on cheaters and bots head on. They may also report on information on any new bots. Roles in this group include: @Dominator Leader @Dominators ⚪ GRAY TEAM ⚪ The Gray Team are new members of the community. While they are recommended to join a team, they aren't forced to. There are no expectations for them, but are welcome into the community and can still get involved. This is also a team for those who are not as active as other members. Roles in this group include: @Sparks
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