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Jampoint 29-Jul-20 03:03 AM
@Analysts Welcome to your new channel, #reddit-findings! As of 7/29/2020, there has been a major drama about Myg0t targeting TFPD. We and ADC don't want the same thing happening to us, of course. The main focus of checking this Reddit out is to understand what's going on with the drama, and what they may do next. Currently, their main motive is their findings about some TFPD staff potentially being pedophiles, or not taking proper action against it. Doxxing has not been 100% confirmed, but background checking is certainly a thing. First off, do not obsess over this. This is only to look more into the issue that is currently taking place. The main thing about Myg0t is that they look for a reaction. Do not give them that reaction, and only respond with evidence and facts. Second, do not join this group and do not respond to their Reddit. That will only lead to you and/or Nightlight being targeted. Finally, do not worry about staff. Both me and BluScout are 100% fine, and we're here for all of you. If you need any help, just say the word! ebolalove
Jampoint 31-Jul-20 01:08 PM
Interesting update on the bots according to someone. Maybe I should make a Google Doc about all of this.
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Jampoint 29-Aug-20 01:22 AM
Thanks for linking me all of your reddit accounts...holy shit this is like his 7th one or something.
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