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Jampoint 14-Jul-20 03:12 PM
Partner: The Association for the Documentation of Cheaters (ADC) Partnership Type: PT-1 Group Owner: @Kur Description: ADC is a group for people to discuss and record cheaters, and how to counter them. All members are checked for suspicious behavior. We mainly focus on Counter-strike and TF2, but discussion of any game is welcome. If you find something new, make sure to stop by. Team Recommendation: Orange Team Group Link: Discord Link: (edited)
Who are we? This is ADC Rebirth (Formerly known as APM, or Anti-Myg0t) This group is for people who want to share or discuss cheating and how to combat it. Click to read our rules and become a member Our mission We are here to inform Steam users about cheaters, and help combat...
Jampoint 19-Jul-20 01:04 AM
Partner: Our World Now: The Rebirth (o.W.n.) Partnership Type: PT-2 Group Owners: @🔥Fatalia Skullfire🔥 @✠𝐄𝐦𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐨𝐫 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐳𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐫 𝐈✠ Description: Our World Now: The Rebirth is a hybridized clan re-established in 2017 after it was dismantled in 2014. The clan hosts daily events for players to take part in. They have their own SFM animation series as well as a TF2 server, GMOD server, and Minecraft server. Whether you seek to make new friends, learn different programs(SFM, GMOD, Hammer Editor, etc.), improve your skill in TF2, or even find a group to call home, Our World Now is the place for you! Team Recommendation: Red Team, Blue Team Group Link: Discord Link: (edited)
╔∘◦☠◦∘══════════════∘◦⊱♛⊰◦∘══════════════∘◦☠◦∘╗ ⊱-=∘◦☠◦∘═∘◦⊱Objectives of our World now: The Rebirth⊰◦∘═∘◦☠◦∘=-⊰ The objectives of our World now: The Rebirth are simplistic and blunt: To revive and unify our World now from its dismantled state from 2014; To establish an organi...
Jampoint 23-Aug-20 01:32 PM
Partner: CasualCrane's Base Partnership Type: PT-1 Group Owners: CasualCrane, Comète Pixely Description: A fan-group for Casual Crane's YouTube channel! Mainly an art community that posts animations, SFM posters, GMod posters, traditional artwork, digital artwork, and more! All art is appreciated and everyone is welcome to join. Raffles and events are hosted occasionally for members to join together. If you're a massive fan of art, this group is for you! Team Recommendation: Blue Team Discord Link: CasualCrane's YouTube:
Hello! Im CasualCrane! Big fan of TF2 so i will mainly post animation memes about that here and or warrior cats! :D They/Them (Taken) Channel Art Done By Pax...
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